"I am proud of the quality of thinking in this book. Susan has pursued the study and application of motivation science for almost twenty years. What really excites me are the real-world stories and examples that show how this groundbreaking approach to motivation works."

~ From the foreword by Ken Blanchard, bestselling author of 'Leading at a Higher Level'

About The Book

Top consultant, trainer, and coach Susan Fowler says: "Stop trying to motivate people. They are already, but generally in superficial, short-term ways."

Fowler applies psychological discoveries to lay out a tested model and course of action that will help leaders guide their people towards the kinds of motivation that not only increases productivity and engagement but gives them a profound sense of purpose.

Her Optimal Motivation process shows leaders how to move people away from dependence on external rewards and discover how their jobs can meet deeper psychological needs - for autonomy, relatedness, and competence - that science tells us result in meaningful and sustainable motivation.

Susan’s book is the groundbreaking answer for leaders who want to “get motivation” right!

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Praise For Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work…And What Does

  • "Guiding others towards unleashing their own potential in a positive and fulfilling way is a core leadership responsibility. Through the science of motivation, this book shows you how to do it."
    ~ Chris Lofaso, Vice President Of Siemens
  • "What a gift! Susan’s book showed me how to recognize choices and how to help myself and others create more meaning in work and relationships. I encourage leaders to read this book—but with a warning. They may get more than they expect. I learned as much about my own motivation as I did about the motivation of those I lead."
    ~ M. Paula Daoust, PhD, Director Of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Kansas
  • "We all want help to motivate the people we lead, to help them develop and grow in a productive working environment. Susan Fowler’s technique shows you the right approach, leading to both the best performance and employee commitment. "
    ~ Agnes Jeanbart, Facilities Manager, Unilever Gulf
  • "Every now and then a book comes along that compels you to recalibrate your philosophy and practice. Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work will scare you, surprise you, and save you from popular but ineffective ways of channeling the best in others. If you are a leader, parent, or someone interested in excellence, don’t miss this provocative and pragmatic book. "
    ~ Chip R. Bell, Co-Author Of Managers As Mentors
  • "Ever wonder why your consumers, clients, business partners, and employees keep coming back given all the choices that are available today? Susan will open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to a beautiful new reality of why they do and how you can make that choice to return so easy. A must-read!"
    ~ Tom Porter, Director Of HR Kawasaki Motors Corporation
  • "Susan Fowler gives us insight on how to improve both productivity and employee engagement. Finally, we have a book that presents not only a new paradigm for motivation but much-needed alternatives for how to apply it. "
    ~ Souraya Bouwmans-Sarraf, Director Of Amsterdam Fashion Institute

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Susan Fowler

About Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler implores leaders to stop trying to motivate people. In her bestselling book, she explains WHY MOTIVATING PEOPLE DOESN’T WORK… AND WHAT DOES: The New Science of Leading, Engaging, and Energizing.

Susan educates leaders on motivation best practices based on solid science communicated through compelling storytelling, case studies, and real-life examples. Through her writing, speaking, consulting, training, and coaching, Susan is dedicated to providing leaders around the globe with a cutting-edge framework, dynamic model, and pragmatic course of action to shape workplaces where people flourish while producing sustainable results.

Susan is the author of by-lined articles, peer-reviewed research, and six books, including the bestselling Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager with Ken Blanchard. She is a regular blogger for Smart Brief and LeaderChat. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have learned from her ideas through training programs such as the Situational Self Leadership and Optimal Motivation product lines. Susan is a professor in the Masters of Science in Executive Leadership program for the University of San Diego and a rotating board member for Angel Faces, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls with severe burn and trauma injuries.

Susan offers a free Motivational Outlook Assessment and downloadable chapters of her book on her website: www.susanfowler.com

Susan Fowler

About Mark Miller

Mark Miller is currently serving as vice president, organizational effectiveness, at Chick-fil-A, Inc. He is also the author of The Heart of Leadership, The Secret of Teams, and, with Ken Blanchard, Great Leaders Grow. His blog, GreatLeadersServe.org, is rated as one of the top leadership sites in the world.

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